We interview independent podcasters, because we want to promote your shows & help demystify the podcasting process for new podcasters. Note: We interview people, not organizations. So NO podcast networks or established media companies for now.
There are 8 questions in total.

The sub-bullet points are just optional suggestions for how to answer the numbered questions. You don't have to follow each sub-bullet, but we do prefer those interviews that answer as many sub-bullets as possible -- we have to manually review & edit your answers.

Take a look at the past interviews for inspirations: https://www.listennotes.com/interviews
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Q1: Tell us about you and your podcasts? *

- Your name & background (w/ your co-host, if any)
- What's the name of your podcast? What is your podcast(s) about? To make our work easy, please also include the Listen Notes link of your podcast(s) below, e.g., https://www.listennotes.com/c/5a84ce172985463a89420fbb859403b2/athlete-minded-stories/ If you put a Listen Notes link here, we'll prioritize editing your answers :)
- Who are your listeners?
Q2: Why & how did you start this podcast? *

- Why podcast? Do you listen to a lot of podcasts yourself?
- What were your initial goals & motivations of doing a podcast?
- When did you start your podcast(s)?
- How long did it take for you to release your very first episode?
Q3: How'd you find the time and funding to do this podcast? *

- How frequent do you release an episode? How long does it take for you to produce an episode?
- How'd you find time to do podcast if you have a day job?
- How much do you spend for podcasting (e.g., hosting, editing, marketing...)? Do you fund this podcast yourself?
Q4: What do you gain from podcasting (financial + non-financial stuffs)? *

- Do you take sponsorship? Can you share your revenue (if any)?
- How did you get your first sponsorship? How many downloads per month did you have when you get your first sponsorship?
- How do you find sponsors nowadays? How many downloads per month now?
- How does podcasting benefit you (e.g., career, friendship, learning, ...)?
Q5: How does your podcasting process look like? *

- What tools/services (hardware, software, audio editing...) do you use? It's okay to put your Amazon affiliate links here :)
- How do you find guests to interview?
- How do you prepare each episode?
- Do you interview your guests in person or via Skype/phone/zoom?
Q6: How do you market your show? *

- How do your listeners find your show (e.g., iTunes, Google, Twitter, ...)? Do you have a breakdown of listener acquisition sources (e.g., 60% from iTunes)?
- What marketing channels (e.g., email, social, ...) do you find most useful?
Q7: What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters? Where can we learn more about you & your podcast? *

- Things you've learned on your journey that weren't obvious beforehand
- Helpful podcasting resources? e.g. blogs, books, videos, podcasts...
Q8: Where can we learn more about you & your podcast? *

Links to your personal/business blog, website, social accounts, email, patreon, paypal donate link...
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